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Fred Harman Art Museum

Fred Harman Art Museum

Step back in time through a display of original Fred Harman Paintings, Red Ryder® & Little Beaver® Comic Strips and other Rodeo, Movie & Western Memorabilia.


Fred Harman Art Museum
85 Harman Park Drive
(970) 731-5785
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Fred Harman, who died in 1982, was one of the founders of the Cowboy Artists of America. In addition to becoming one of the country's foremost painters of the American West, he was also the creator of the world-famous cartoon strip, "Red Ryder and Little Beaver." Fred Harman was also an established sculptor and illustrator. He was likewise a great humanitarian.


The gregarious Fred Harman lived and worked at one time or another in various parts of the U.S. but his heart was always in Colorado, particularly the Southwestern part known as "the four corners." He was truly a cowboy (and later rancher) who had a remarkable talent for capturing and interpreting his special world into artistic forms.


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